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Have there been times when you were faced with challenges and wished life came with an instruction manual to help you overcome problems and challenges?

Ever wondered why some people consistently achieve success while others do not?

Is there a secret formula to success and achieving your dreams?

Many say they have No Choice, that their life is the way it is and they cannot do anything about it. Winners are those who choose to make the choice to live the life they desire.

Life may present challenges and problems, whether from family or work or the economy, or from natural disasters. What are you going to do when these things happen? Do you have the tools to help you overcome them and come out stronger?

Do you want to live by default or would you rather Live By Design?

Live By Design combines the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy™ (TLT) and Hypnotherapy to provide you with the keys to unlocking your own life’s instruction manual which is within you.

Live By Design

• Discover how to get what you want in life

• Enhance your personal performance
• Achieve your goals
• Perform at peak state

• Master the keys to open up the wisdom within you

• Unleash your potential
• Eliminate self-limiting beliefs
• Get rid of phobias
• Generate new positive behaviors

• Improve sales performance
• Develop strong teamwork

• Enhance negotiation and influencing skills

• Create instant rapport with others
• Increase sensitivity to self and others
• Communicate effectively, persuasively and powerfully
• Master your habits
• Turn procrastination Into motivation

• Coach others effectively
• Enhance relationships
• Achieve financial goals
• Explode your potential


Success is what you create for yourself through your own actions and mindset. It is what you do for yourself and others. The secret of success is defining what you want out of life and learning the skills to strengthen your mindset to achieve what you desire.



Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is an innovative approach to understanding and appreciating human experience, communication and behaviors. NLP has helped many people achieve breakthroughs in their performance, relationships, education, coaching, business and therapy, for themselves.

Time Line TherapyTM

Time Line Therapy TM enables you to get rid of unwarranted negative emotions and phobias and eliminate limiting decisions so that you do not become a prisoner of your past. With Time Line Therapy TM  techniques, you can insert your goals in your future, and achieve them.

Professional Hypnotherapy

Unleash the power and potential of your Unconscious Mind using the powers of Hypnosis. Accelerate positive change in yourself and for others. You have the ability to be amazing, when you learn how to.

NLP Coaching Certification

Be the best that you are meant to be as you make a difference to others. Learn how you can be an effective coach by utilizing proven combination strategies.

Applied NLP in Business

Practical assessments on the applications and utilization of NLP techniques in your chosen area of business or specialty.

Choose to Live By Design and apply the learnings in

• Personal Coaching
• Business Meetings and Negotiations

• Selling and Presenting
• Leadership Coaching and Counseling

• Learning and Education
• Positive Change and Growth
• Enhance Performance of Self and Others

• Parenting



The actions we take today
will influence our results tomorrow. - D. Billy

Testimonials T“

“An amazing journey! A break- through for my limiting issues, inner conflict and limiting beliefs. The trainers engage and share life experiences. Excellent!”

~ Adeline Cheong, Starhub Training Executive, Singapore


“This training has changed my life - transformed me as a person. Keep doing what you do - you inspire people! ”

~ Aloysius Gregory, Al Tayer Group, Dubai


“Being a parent, raising four kids and still having to stay on top of my career is a daunting task.

With these techniques, I am able to perform at peak and at the same time, coach my children to excel in their studies too.”

~ EC Tan, Engineering Trainer, MAS, Malaysia


“Learning NLP, TLT and Hypnotherapy has helped me personally as well as professionally. It has helped me to be more aware of how I think and how thoughts affect me. By understanding this, I have better control of my state and emotions. Lessons in hypnotherapy have helped me better relax myself when I need to, which is very handy.

Professionally, it has increased my performance in my teachings as well as knowing how to deal with students effectively. NLP Presuppositions and Meta Model in particular have helped me in many ways to deal with limiting beliefs of students to give them quick motivation when they need it. These have also helped me with my dealings with my colleagues.

I guess the best part is being able to help others better. We all can agree to this: ‘When we help others, we help ourselves as well.’"

~ Shamsuddin Abdullah, Lecturer, International Islamic University

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