Frequently Asked Questions


Q How do I place order for the products?

A Please follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Browse/Search Product
Browse and select the product that you are interested through product category or product search.

Step 2: Add to Cart
Click the "Add to Cart" button to add items to your shopping cart and click "Continue Shopping" button if you would like to continue shopping.

Step 3: Checkout
You are allowed to checkout as guest or registered an account with Dreamshop. If you are an existing member, you may login to complete the checkout.

Step 4: Select Payment Method
Select the payment method. We accept FPX bank transfer, credit cards Visa/MasterCard, debit cards, e-wallets, 0% installment payment as well as loyalty points redemption options (upcoming) for payment purpose.

Step 5: Complete
The order is completed and you may receive an email notification on the purchase confirmation.

Q How can I cancel my order?

A Sorry that we do not accept order cancellation for orders that have been processed or shipped.

Q How can I know whether my order was successful or not?

A You will receive an Order Confirmation via your registered email address. If you do not receive this email, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at +603-7832 6103 or email to [email protected].

Q How can I check the status of my order?

A You can log in our website, click "My Order Status" at the footer of the website to find out the info or call our Customer Service Hotline at +603-7832 6103 to check on the order status or email to [email protected].

Q What are the most expensive products in dreamshop?

A As high as RM100K++ is available for purchase / redeem with points.

Q I bought digital voucher from your platform, where can I get the voucher code?

A Please check your registration email address account with us, normally voucher code would be fulfilled via email within 3 to 7 working days, subject to ready stock availability.

Q I'm facing issue to redeem my digital voucher code given by your platform, what shall I do next?

A Please contact our Customer Service at +603-7832 6103 during office hour or drop us email at [email protected]y for further assistance.


Q How can I pay for my order?

A We accept FPX bank transfer, credit cards Visa/MasterCard, debit cards, e-wallets, 0% interest free installment payment as well as loyalty points redemption options (upcoming).

Q What currency will I have to pay with?

A All transactions on this Website are to be payable in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) only.

Q My credit card transaction has been declined, what should I do?

A Please contact your credit card issuer Banks for clarification of declined transaction.

Q Can I use a foreign issued credit card to purchase item on dreamshop for the 0% interest free installment payment products?

A No, we do not accept a foreign issued credit card to purchase product from dreamshop for the 0% interest free installment payment products. Kindly refer to the picture attached which credit card you can use to purchase 0% interest free installment payment products on dreamshop.


Q What is 0% Installment facility?

A 0% Installment is a service or facilities provided by the banks that allow you to purchase a product and repay with NO INTEREST within a period of time.

Q How do I pay using this 0% interest free installment payment?

A You will need a credit card which is eligible for our installment plan in order to use installment plan payment method.

Step 1: Choose the product from Dreamshop (single product or multiple products)

Step 2: Proceed to check out and select the 0% Easy Payment Plans

Step 3: Choose the bank of your credit card and select the tenure that you want to make the installment month

Step 4: Proceed "Make Payment" and fill up all the credit card details & OTP pin as required.

Step 5: Click "Pay Now" and transact and charge to your credit card
Note: Approve or Decline of the transaction is subject to your credit card provider's discretion and the sufficient of card credit limit.

Q Which bank card is eligible for Installment Plan?

A We currently have 11 banks that offers installment plan:

  1. Maybank
  2. UOB
  3. CIMB
  4. HSBC
  5. Hong Leong
  6. Public Bank
  7. RHB Bank
  8. Ambank
  9. OCBC Bank
  10. Standard Chartered Bank
  11. Affin Bank

Q What is the minimum spend for Installment?

APlease refer the table below for the minimum spend requirement in order to be eligible for Installment Plan:

Q If the transaction was rejected, can you let me know the reason of declined?

A Sorry, we are unable to disclose the reason, you may need to contact your bank to check it out.

Q Why the monthly Installment Plan only RM100/month over the RM1,200 which my credit limit should be sufficient but still rejected?

AThis is because the bank locks your credit limit at the full amount but only charge you the monthly payment every month. You will need the credit limit more than RM1,200 then only the transaction will be approved. In other word, if the purchase you are trying to make is more than your credit limit, the transaction will simply be declined.

Q May I use Debit Card to apply the Installment Plan?

A Unfortunately, you are unable to use your debit card to perform an Installment Plan transaction. Based on issuing bank requirements, IPP is only made available via valid credit cards.


Q What are the delivery charges?

A Some products are required to pay the shipping fees, depending on the shipping address input by customers. Some products are not required to pay any shipping fees because delivery charges are included in the product final pricing.

Q How long does the delivery take?

A After your order is verified, you can expect to receive your order within the following time frame:

Ready Stock- 7-14 working days throughout Malaysia (except Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)

Oversea Items - within 30 working days throughout Malaysia (except Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)

Q Can orders be delivered to overseas addresses?

A Currently orders are only available for deliveries within Malaysia only.

Q Can orders be delivered to anywhere within Malaysia?

A Yes, orders could be delivered to all addresses within Malaysia except for P.O. Box addresses.


Q Can I cancel the order if parcel is yet being shipped out?

A Sorry that order once confirmed and payment is accepted, no cancellation is allowed.

Q My parcel has been returned to your business premise, can please arrange resend to me?

A Please contact our Customer Service at +603-7832 6103 during office hour or drop us email at [email protected] for the resend arrangement request. Kindly take noted that resend charger is imposed.

Q Parcel received is broken / damaged / malfunction, what shall I do next?

A Please contact our Customer Service at +603-7832 6103 during office hour or drop us email at [email protected] for further arrangement purpose.

Q Can I return the product that I've purchased?

A Sorry that order once confirmed and payment is accepted, no cancellation of order nor returning the products are allowed. Unless the products are malfunction, damaged or defect, requests for return of the product(s) can only be made by informing Customer Service at +603-7832 6103 within 24 hours upon receipt of the product(s) and on condition that the damaged product(s) is returned within three (3) working days from the date of receipt of the products based on our records to the following address. Any claims made after the above stipulated time period shall not be entertained. Product to be returned must be in its original packaging, original condition with all necessary documents in the parcel. However, lingerie products are classified as Non-Returnable products.

DCR Marketing Sdn Bhd (718792-P) - Head Quarter
C-3-03, Capital 3, Oasis Square,
No. 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A, Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Q How long does it take to deliver the replacement product to me?

A Provided that the product is in its original packaging and original condition upon inspection, we will deliver the replacement product within the next 14 days.

Q Can I exchange the product that I've purchased?

A All products sold are not allowed for exchange.

Q What is your Refund Policy?

A Products that are malfunction, damaged or defect, we received with good condition and original packaging, refund only allowed if replacement model is no longer available due to product is obsolete. Any refund will be processed and credited to the respective credit card account or any other payment mode in accordance to the Bank's and Financial Institution's policy and timeframe. The delivery and other incidental costs will not be reimbursed.


Q What is the meaning of "On-The-Spot Redemption"?

A On-The-Spot ("OTS") Redemption means you are required to present at our office premise in person, bring along your principal point card to redeem any goods available at

Q How do I know if I am qualified to redeem an item?

A Kindly contact your respective card bank officers or call center to verify if your card is still valid, active and allowed to perform OTS redemption at any OTS participating merchants, inclusive us DCR.

Q Can you check how many points I have now?

A In order to know your current accumulative points, you can either:

  1. Login to your bank internet banking, or
  2. Call to your bank's client care centre, or
  3. Present personally to DCR with your original credit card

Q What are the items available for redemption?

A You can refer all items that available in our online store

Q Can I redeem the products via your online store

A Sorry that redemption only available for walk in customers. Customers are required to present the original principal credit card for us to perform redemption transaction. Our office address is:

DCR Marketing Sdn Bhd ("DCR")
C-3-03, Capital 3, Oasis Square,
No.2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A, Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact Number: 03-7832 6103
Business Hours: 9.30 to 5.30pm (Monday to Friday, excluding public holiday)

Q Is your office open on Saturday and Sunday?

A DCR would operate on Saturday only by appointment basis. Please contact DCR at 03-7832 6103 to make appointment in advance. We are closed on Sunday.

Q What do I need to bring when I come over to DCR's office for OTS redemption?

A Please bring along your valid principal credit card as well as identification card.

Q Do I need to bring the credit card statement along?

A You do not have to bring your credit card statement.

Q Can I send someone to redeem at your office on my behalf?

A Yes, you can do so provided the person authorized must bring along the followings:

  1. An authorized letter from principal cardholder (stating his/her intention)
  2. Item/product needs to be redeemed from Dreamshop
  3. A photocopy of the principal cardholder's identification card
  4. Principal's original credit card

Note: Any misuse of credit card other than this OTS redemption, DCR has no responsibility on it.

Q Which bank's credit card is acceptable for OTS redemption?

A We accept credit cards from Maybank, RHB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, CIMB Bank and AMBANK for OTS redemption currently.

Q What is the OTS redemption points matrix?

A You can refer the below schedule. Banks reserve the right to change on the points matrix any time prior notice.

Bank MYR Equivalent Points Needed
Maybank 1 500
RHB Bank 1 500
Hong Leong Bank 1 400
CIMB Bank 1 400
AMBANK 1 600

Q Can I get the goods on the spot after redemption performed successfully?

A Yes, you can, provided items redeemed are available at our office premise. Kindly take noted that all items are subject to stock and color availability.

Q If the items redeemed are not available at your office premise, will you deliver the items to me when it is available? Or I need to come and collect myself again?

A Yes, we will deliver the items to the address given. Kindly take noted the turn-around-time ("TAT") for the fulfillment below:

Supplier Location TAT
Local All Within 14 working days
Oversea All Within 30 working days

Q Do I need to pay for the delivery charger since you do not have ready stock for collection during my OTS redemption?

A No if the delivery address is within Peninsular Malaysia. Additional charger is required if the delivery address is Pangkor, Langkawi, Labuan, Sabah and Sarawak.

Q I would like to redeem 1 of the items from Dreamshop, can you reserve it for me?

A Sorry that no reservation could be done. All items in Dreamshop is first come first serve basis and some are from overseas which will take longer time for fulfillment.

Q I am in Johor Bahru (outstation), how can I redeem the items?

A My apologies as this is OTS Redemption which only available for clients who can present to DCR's office only.

Q If I do not have sufficient reward points in my credit card, can I pay for the balance on-the-spot?

A Yes, you can pay the balance via cash/credit card/debit card/online banking.

Q Can I redeem the items other than those listed at

A Sorry that you only can redeem the items that listed at at this moment.

Q Can I exchange the points to cash?

A My apologies, this is a redemption programme and we do not allow any cash redemption / rebates.

Q Can I exchange the points to vouchers?

A Yes, please visit, we have variety of vouchers.

Q What are the other matters that I need to know before I come to DCR?

A To avoid any disappointment, please run thru the checklist below:

  1. Have you made any decision on which item/product would like to be redeemed in Dreamshop?

    Note: This is to save your time.

  2. Have you activated your new or replacement card?

    Note: Please contact your bank for card activation.

  3. Are you a Principal Credit Cardholder?

    Note: OTS redemption is applicable for principal Credit Card Holders only. Supplementary credit card holders are not eligible for this programme.

  4. Is your card still valid?

    Note: Please ensure that you card is active and not expired and no cancellation of credit card done prior present to DCR's office.